Naruco Hanaharu’s Hamedol

Posted in Eromanga, Translations on 2012/07/21 by atxalchemy

I don’t really have much words for this one. Oh, they use the term ukemi(受け身) in martial arts (see Aikido and Judo). You’ll also see it appear often in games (their Japanese versions, of course). You’d have to click the post to see all mirrors.

Edit: Fixed MF link.


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Naruko Hanaharu’s Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi

Posted in Translations, Yuri on 2012/05/09 by atxalchemy

Naruko Hanaharu’s Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi from Tsubomi magazine. It’s not an eromanga this time, but it’s yuri.

I really really wanted to put the COMIC ZIN freebie as post eye candy, but I couldn’t find it on the net. So here, look at her go “haa~ haa~” instead:

Edit: The correction is very minor(typo), so unless you’re archiving, no need to redownload. Replaced the links to reflect the change.

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Naruco Hanaharu’s Muu-chan

Posted in Eromanga, Translations on 2011/12/04 by atxalchemy

This is my first release. Barring the heartwarming ones, this is probably the best work of Naruco Hanaharu’s. If ever this becomes a series, I’m going to translate the rest as well as the tankoubon.

This is what happens when your girlfriend has a strong sister complex.

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