Naruco Hanaharu’s Muu-chan

This is my first release. Barring the heartwarming ones, this is probably the best work of Naruco Hanaharu’s. If ever this becomes a series, I’m going to translate the rest as well as the tankoubon.

This is what happens when your girlfriend has a strong sister complex.



Also, thanks to Benner for helping me out.

5 Responses to “Naruco Hanaharu’s Muu-chan”

  1. natsaM htew'dleveR Says:

    Great first release~~

  2. Anon Says:

    Looks interesting! Hope there’ll be a continuation

  3. NICE JOB!!

  4. lulu Says:

    damn she’s hot , nice one

  5. I don’t know where this manga or this blog is going but I like it for now.

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