Naruko Hanaharu’s Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi

Naruko Hanaharu’s Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi from Tsubomi magazine. It’s not an eromanga this time, but it’s yuri.

I really really wanted to put the COMIC ZIN freebie as post eye candy, but I couldn’t find it on the net. So here, look at her go “haa~ haa~” instead:

Edit: The correction is very minor(typo), so unless you’re archiving, no need to redownload. Replaced the links to reflect the change.

Corrected page 6



8 Responses to “Naruko Hanaharu’s Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi”

  1. Thanks for your hard work! That was pretty good.
    I hope to see more of you in the future~

  2. Yay. *thumbs up*

  3. Mindflayer Says:

    I still remember that one Naruko story about the lesbian girl who has group sex with her friend/crush, the crush’s boyfriend and a guy who loves the lesbian.

  4. reculeor Says:

    Thank you very much for doing this.

  5. Train Says:

    Thanks for this.

  6. Ikari Says:

    Thanks a bunch!

    Any chance of doing a x1600 version as well, if there are raws for it? I really love the author’s art.

  7. atxalchemy Says:

    I might if I can get some help, but it’ll take time since I’m working on things right now. I wasn’t the one who edited this one, so it’ll be quite a work.

  8. Fnord Prefect Says:

    I’ve nothing against porn at all, but this was very very sweet and I’m very glad to read it.

    If I could filter for shojo ai, I’d do it. Usually.

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